Board of Directors



Nick Causey

Nick Causey – President

I have enjoyed the responsibility and opportunity of serving our community as a director on our board for almost five years now.

I believe that while we have started to accomplish many of our community’s goals and new projects, there is still much more work to be done. I believe my main purpose and duty as a director is to represent the voice of our community’s homeowners.

I take our fiduciary responsibility to homeowners very serious and always act with the goal of seeing our budget spent responsibly. I have enjoyed meeting and working with many of our neighbors over the past few years and I hope to see the community’s participation and involvement as a whole continue to grow.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve.

Cheryl Propst

Cheryl Propst

My husband and I moved to The Woods in 2011 just before we had our son. We were immediately attracted to the warm, family feel of the neighborhood and over the years have enjoyed being active members of The Woods while developing relationships with neighbors and forming treasured friendships with other Woods’ families. As a scientist and environmental consultant, I often facilitate the participation of multiple parties in making decisions and bridge the gap of those with dissenting opinions.

As a Board member, I serve to use my professional experience to advocate for developing more opportunities for residents to voice their opinions. I aim to listen to those ideas and use them to form decisions on behalf of the community as a whole. In turn, I hope to see more active participation amongst our residents in an effort to make our community one that makes us all proud.

Taneen Delaney

Taneen Delaney

As a 10 year resident of The Woods, I was gratefully elected to the Board of Directors. I serve as a Board representative to the Recreational and Social Committee and the Communications Committee. I have great interest in updating the look and functionality of our community while maintaining the comforts of what works for our residents.

I believe in building a positive and respectful rapport amongst the community, opening the lines of communication and creating a welcoming environment. Through heart, reason and maintaining fiscal responsibility, I strive to make decisions for the good of the community based on the voice of the community.